Gum Blaster

Gum Blaster

Outstanding chewing gum removal machine

Pressure washer accessory

Stainless steel wear strips

Concentrates on small areas with minimal overspray

Removes and collects stuck on gum


The Gum Blaster Chewing Gum removal machine is a pressure washer accessory which  can be attached to most pressure washers and has been developed specifically to deal with hardened chewing gum.

Operation is quite straightforward, first position the cleaning head over the chewing gum, pull the trigger and move the Gum Blaster back and forth over the gum.

The Gum Blaster contains 18 pressure intensifying needle jets, set at a fixed height and angle. The gum is effectively blasted away from the surface and collected in a chamber housed within the unit which can be emptied safely after use.

Whilst it can be used with hot or cold pressure washers, for best performance we recommend a hot water pressure washer with a minimum pressure of 150 Bar and a water flow rate of 12 litres per minute. The Gum Blaster is not supplied with a lance or gun assembly, please ask us if you need those. Maximum operating temperature is 90oC.

The Gum Blaster chewing gum removal machine has a viewing window for the user to focus in on the gum. Then on squeezing the trigger, the water is forced through18 pressure-intensifying needle jets, set at a constant height and angle, designed to lift up solidified gum.The gum is trapped in the collection chamber for ease of disposal.

See the Gum Blaster Demonstration Video

We also supply parts for Gum Blaster - call us

 Technical Data

Features: 99.9721.045 99.9721.055
Max. Pressure 250 Bar 250 Bar
Nozzle Size 045 055
Weight (kg) 2 2
Dimensions (L x H x W) (mm) 280 x 180 x 130 280 x 180 x 130


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