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Cimex Cyclone demonstration videos

Cimex Cyclone floor scrubber / polisher

The CR Series Cimex cyclone scrubber/polishers are multi-purpose industrial floor cleaners, for a variety of floor types.

A range of floating brushes is available to provide effective cleaning of everything from hard floors to carpets, including dimpled and uneven surfaces, grouting etc., with no “bloom” rings or halo effects left on the floor surface. When switching between different floor surfaces, brush change is quick and easy.
The machine keeps 2 wheels on the floor at all times making it easy to manoeuvre and the Cimex tripe brush action (see video below) means that the machine cleans deeply on all surfaces.
Water is delivered through the brush centres to reduce splashing, and the machines include a non-clog solution valve for uninterrupted operation. The reversing brush action also extends brush life.
Quite in use and suitable for public areas, hospitals, schools etc.

Cimex Triple Brush System

The Cimex Triple Brush system uses 3 brushes with a contra-rotating planetary drive disc, for a vigorous cleaning action, cleaning in all directions. This action prevents cable snagging, as any stray cable passes under the machine.

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