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Industrial Pressure Washer

Things to consider before buying pressure washers

The use of an industrial pressure washer is now common in a wide variety of industries. It has developed into a sophisticated machine which, together with an extensive range of accessories, can be used for a number of cleaning applications. The principle of a pressure washer is quite straightforward in that water is introduced into the machine and then put under pressure by a pump, to be expelled via a nozzle at the end of a cleaning lance. That is a description at a basic level but the modern pressure washer has many different models each offering benefits dependent upon the job it is required to do.

There are a variety of industrial pressure washers and these can be divided into two main groups, hot water and cold water pressure washers.

Cold Water Pressure Washers

Cold water washers are used to clean surfaces where the application of pressurized water is sufficient to remove unwanted build-up. They are normally portable but where there is a regular wash down requirement, they can be static. Static Pressure Washers have the added advantage of being more controllable and less susceptible to operator damage. Pressure washers can be powered by electricity but this dose confine their movement to the length of a flex, and if this is a problem then an independently powered washer would be preferable, particularly for off site work.

Hot water pressure washers

Where cleaning is required in areas where grime is more difficult to remove or where a higher level of sanitation is required then a hot water washer would be more appropriate. As with cold water pressure washers they can be portable or static and independently powered. The cleaning properties of the hot water pressure washer are enhanced not only because hot water is used but also additional cleaning agents can be used appropriate for the dirt being removed. Hot water pressure washers can, in some versions, be used with a steam cleaning facility for additional cleaning power. Industrial pressure washers can also be used as part of a ring main system where cleaning lances can be attached at various points around the ring main for an efficient cleaning in place system.

Engine driven pressure washers

These can be either cold or hot water pressure washers, and can be useful in situations where there is no available power supply or for larger areas where freedom of movement is essential. Engines can be petrol or deisel driven. See our engine driven pressure washers here.

To make sure that you select the best industrial pressure washer for your cleaning jobs contact B &G Cleaning for advice.