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Water fed pole systems

Window cleaning has always been a difficult job. Out in all weathers, the window cleaner has to contend with not only the elements, but also the logistics and processes involved in the operation. Clean water, cloths and sponges to apply the water, leathers for wiping off, ladders to access high level windows, are just a few things to consider, and if lucky the householder may provide a cup of tea! This method of cleaning windows has not changed for many years but now, with water fed pole systems, the task is made a lot easier and safer.

Pure water cleaning systems – what are they?

Water fed pole systems use water which has been demineralised and turned into what is known as pure water. Pure water is obtained by passing tap water through filters to remove all the impurities. This pure water is pumped through the pole to a brush head and applied to the window. Because water always wants to return to its impure state, when it is applied to a window it will absorb all the dirt particles on the surface leaving it clean and streak free without the need to rinse or leather off. As the pole can reach the upstairs windows, all of the operation is carried out with the operator at ground level.

Why use water fed pole systems?

The great advantage of water fed pole systems is that windows can be cleaned without the need for ladders, cleaning cloths, chemicals or a need to refill a bucket. A professional window cleaner will benefit from less arduous physical work, safer working conditions and lower insurance costs due to decreased risk of injury. The overwhelming benefit for both the window cleaner and their customer from a water fed pole system is the finished article, with streak free, cleaner windows which stay dirt free for longer.

For more information on water fed pole systems using pure water technology, view the product catalogue or give us a call.

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