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Tomcat Edge Floor Cleaning Machines – demo videos

There are 2 videos on this page, both demonstrating the Tomcat Edge Technology. The Tomcat Carbon and the Tomcat Sport floor scrubbers.

Tomcat Carbon Floor Scrubber

This video demonstrates how the Tomcat Carbon floor scrubber cleans a safety floor effectively in a single pass, due to the high speed oscillation (up to 2900rpm) which releases dirt and debris.
The oscillation action uses 70% less water making it environmentally friendly and more productive as it requires emptying and refilling less often.

See product information for the Tomcat Carbon here >>>

Tomcat Sport demonstration, cleaning a terrazo floor

A demonstration of the effective cleaning of a terrazo floor in one pass, without using chemicals. The before and after views and in-use video also show how the square head cleans right into corners. The weight and speed control diamond pads can also be used to put a shine and finish to the surface of the floor

See product information for the Tomcat Sport here >>>

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