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Steam Cleaner

Steam cleaners have an increasing relevance in the modern environment as standards of cleanliness and hygiene are rising and the means of meeting them become more sophisticated. One of the most important aspects of steam cleaning, apart from its sanitation advantages, is that it reduces dramatically the need for cleaning chemicals as well as the amount of water used. A wide variety of industries can make use of a steam cleaner such as food, healthcare or dairy, and all sectors where hygiene and sanitation are important.

There are two main types of steam cleaner, one which produces what is known as wet steam and the other dry steam.

Wet steam cleaner

Hot water pressure washers can have the addition of a steam facility to enhance their cleaning capabilities. By adjusting the pressure in the unit to reduce the flow rate of the water but still allowing the heat exchanger to operate to lift the water temperature the steam will be produced. The water temperature would be increased to around 140ºC. The steam produced has a comparatively high water content and is known as wet steam, which whilst effective in some situations, it does introduce additional moisture into the cleaning process when it may not be required, unlike a single function steam cleaner.

Dry steam cleaner

Dry steam cleaners use pressure to raise the boiling point of the water to create a saturated form of steam at a temperature up to 170ºC, at which point the steam acts to dissolve dirt and grime without adding excess water. The advantage of this type of cleaner is that the steam can penetrate into the cracks and crevices of a surface where bacteria and dirt are found to enable their removal. These steam cleaning machines can be portable, for where ad hoc cleaning is required or static where there is a regular clean down requirement. The advantages of a static cleaner are that it is less open to operator abuse, its settings can be fixed and it is always ready to use. Dry steam can also be used as part of a vacuum cleaner for deep carpet cleaning. A Steam cleaners is vital wherever deep sanitizing is important. Industries such as healthcare and food processing among others benefit greatly from these machines.

Don’t be put off by the thought of steam. It is eco friendly, efficient, effective and B&G can give the clearest unbiased advice together with the best prices available. For advice, give us a call, we’re happy to advise on the best steam cleaner for your needs.

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