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Green - Environment Friendly Cleaning Equipment

Green, or environmentally friendly, cleaning equipment has come to the forefront in recent years and there are now lots of options available.
B&G supply a wide range of environmentally friendly cleaning machines. ECA logo

To encourage businesses to invest in technologies that save water, the ECA water scheme has been developed by HM Revenue and Customs in partnership with AEA Technology who manage the scheme on behalf of Defra.

How the ECA water scheme works

See the Enhanced Capital Allowance scheme for Water Efficient Technologies leaflet here >>

The scheme allows 100% of the cost of qualifying eco-friendly cleaning equipment (i.e. on the water technology list) to claim for tax relief against a business’s profits for the year in which the purchase is made, unlike Capital Allowances which allow 25% a year on a reducing basis over about nine years. The ECA brings forward the time that tax relief is available for capital spending, providing a cash-flow boost.

As an example if the company buys new equipment for £3,000 it can then reduce its taxable profits by £3,000. Assuming tax is paid at 19%, the company pays £570 less in tax. Claims for ECA’s are made in the same way as other capital allowances on the Corporation Tax Return for companies.

See more information from the HMRC website >>

Visit the Water Technology List website >>

See our selection of environment-friendly cleaning equipment below. Machines marked with an * qualify for the Enhanced Capital Allowance (ECA) Water Scheme.

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