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Hospital Cleaning

Ensuring the correct level of cleanliness and hygiene in a hospital environment is a difficult task. The requirement is not just for things to look clean, they have to be cleaned to a deeper level than might be acceptable outside that environment. The complications involved in organising the cleaning of medical facilities are not insurmountable but need careful planning and fortunately there are a wide range of machines to assist in the clean up.

Cleaning floors in hospitals

We know from our own experience that the floor is the prime area where the detritus of human activity ends up – fortunately the range of machines available for cleaning floors is quite extensive. For hard floor areas in particular there are scrubber driers which are available in a variety of sizes for cleaning large and small areas. This equipment is useful in hospital cleaning as it effectively washes and scrubs the floor using rotating brushes, and then dries it using a system of squeegees and sometimes vacuums. The vacuum cleaner is also an essential tool in this area; again in various sizes for different duties depending ion the size of the area being cleaned and ease of access. For sensitive areas a machine such as the EDGE Lindhaus with its multilevel filtration controls to deal with particulate biological contamination could be used. An additional feature of this machine is its low noise level making its operation less disruptive to the surrounding environment. For carpeted areas vacuums can be used along with carpet extraction machines when a deeper clean is required.

Cleaning equipment in hospitals

Hospital equipment cleaning procedures have been the subject of extreme scrutiny in recent years. The public has never been more aware of the (often) tragic consequences of poor hospital equipment cleaning processes and society is keen to hold the key decision-makers to account when high standards are not met. Therefore, for any cleaning team whether in-house or contracted, it is vital to ensure a comprehensive clean to minimise risk to individuals, as well as to institutions.

The equipment used in hospitals requires specific cleaning. One tool that is excellent for sanitising surfaces and equipment is the dry steam cleaner. By applying super heated steam to a surface it changes the state of the dirt and grease to a liquid form enabling its removal. The steam cleaner can have the additional faculty of a vacuum to clean away the unwanted residue. This type of cleaner is particularly useful in hospital cleaning as it cleans the nook and crannies of a surface rather than merely dealing with the superficial. Steam cleaners can be portable or fixed where there is a regular requirement, and are available in various sizes and formats to suit the cleaning job to be tackled.

Hospital cleaning: specialist advice and guidance

When you are beginning to develop cleaning programmes and processes you will want to take into account advice from appropriate third parties to ensure the schedules you put in place, the equipment you choose and the products you use will be the most fit-for-purpose available enabling you to deliver a high quality, safe result in this sensitive and specialised area of the cleaning sector.

Below you will find a selection of sources that are both useful and essential to consult as a responsible operator:

National Patient Safety Agency: If you take a moment to search this website on the subject of ‘cleaning’, you will be presented with a wealth of excellent information and research. However, there are some sections that are particularly relevant, including the National Colour Coding Scheme for cleaning materials and equipment that was developed by the NPSA and is recommended throughout the NHS.

Department of Health: Core information that’s not to be missed, including a variety of publications available to download. This website outlines best practice and cleaning standards, as well as the inspections that are likely to be carried out on your cleaning work.

Care Quality Commission: This independent regulator of health and social care in England offers some excellence advice in its ‘Guidance for Healthcare Professionals’ section.

Hospital equipment cleaning: the right tools for the job

Once you’ve established what you need to clean and how you need to clean it, you’ll be on the lookout for the ideal piece of equipment to deliver precisely what you’re looking for, to the exacting standards that you require.

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