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Commercial Floor Cleaner

Cleaning floors in commercial premises is an important and complex operation. Often the size of the area and the potential disruption to the operation mean that a detailed regime is required using the most appropriate equipment to ensure workforce safety and the minimum of downtime. To effect efficient cleaning there are a variety of commercial floor cleaner machines to help with the task.

Commercial Vacuum Cleaners

Vacuum cleaners have been around for over 100 years and are the first thing we think of in relation to floor cleaning. We have seen the changes in vacuum cleaners domestically in the last few years and the commercial version has also evolved to meet the more exacting standards required in the modern environment. For instance cleaning may have to be carried out during a time when there are people in the building – in the case of medical facilities this is inevitable. In these cases a silenced vacuum cleaner such as the Edge Silent with a noise level of only 55dbA may be the option. Vacuum cleaners have been developed to give a high level of filtration in such as the hepa filter system and to deal with, for example, hazardous dust in industrial environments. It is important to take professional advice when selecting these machines.

Floor Sweepers

Hard floors present specific problems for the commercial floor cleaner. If cleaning is not done regularly there will be a build up of dirt and other detritus, deposited by human traffic and industrial processes. Regular sweeping is required to prevent this and the commercial floor sweeper has been developed to assist in this work. A floor sweeper works by using a system of rotating brushes which literally sweeps the surface dirt back into a waste hopper, which can be emptied later on. These machines come in various sizes and configurations to suit the requirement. They can be pedestrian operated or ride-on and powered by battery or engine.

Floor Scrubber Driers

For deeper cleaning of hard floors a scrubber drier is the type of commercial floor cleaner to be used. Like the sweeper this machine uses rotating brushes but additionally uses water and detergent to scrub the floor. The resulting residue is then removed by a system of squeegees and sometimes vacuum, to leave the floor dry and safe. These machines are also pedestrian or ride-on operated and are available in a ranges of sizes and types of motive power.

To be sure you select the right cleaning equipment for your floor cleaning, get in touch with us, for the best advice and service.

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