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Unusual uses for floor cleaning machines

We often see floor cleaning machines like sweepers and scrubber dryers in action in places like shopping centres and warehouses, but these versatile machines have many applications, some of which might be thought unusual.

For instance we recently demonstrated a Karcher B250 scrubber dryer to a customer who was having difficulty removing tyre marks from a large resin compound driveway. Conventional cleaning methods like pressure washing had been ineffective in removing the stubborn residue, so the customer called in B&G for advice. We found that a scrubber dryer combined with the right detergent removed the unsightly marks, and the customer was so impressed that he placed an order on the spot.

driveway cleaning before and after

We also had a call from a builders merchants who needed to clean up the residue from their yard. As might be expected it was a mixture of fine sand, brick dust and aggregate, which needed cleaning on a regular basis. Because the debris being removed was of varied consistency, fine sweepings and coarse dirt, the ideal machine was a Karcher KM130/300R which can comfortably deal with this type of residue. This floor sweeper vacuums all the sweepings into its waste container, and the pleated filters on the machine ensures clean air under heavy dust conditions. The roller brush on the KM130 automatically adjusts to uneven surfaces making it ideal for outside work.

Staffordshire County Show

Staffordshire county show image

We also recently attended the Staffordshire Show, where we demonstrated a ra

nge of cleaning equipment, including, as you can see, Karcher cleaning machines. We also took a few orders on the day and dealt with some cleaning questions from visitors.

There is always an answer to any cleaning problem and an experienced cleaning equipment supplier like B&G Cleaning to supply it, although it may not be the most obvious! If you have a cleaning issue that you need help with, please get in touch, or post a question below.