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Why use a Disc Floor Cleaner

In order to run a successful business, company owners need to ensure that any floors in the workplace are in the very best possible condition at all times. Not only do well-kept floors provide an aesthetically impressive appearance that suggests a high degree of professionalism, but they also keep anyone operating within the work space safe and secure.

Keeping large commercial floor spaces in optimum condition may appear to be a somewhat tedious task, with a high amount of exhausting and stressful manual labour required every day to ensure surfaces continue to look easy on the eye. Fortunately, the wide range of cleaning machines available in the market, can make scrubbing your floors significantly easier – with each one capable of exerting the kind of mechanical pressure required to eliminate stains and marks in a matter of seconds. One of the very best examples of a floor cleaning machine often used to clean a large commercial space is the disc floor cleaner.

What is a disc floor cleaner?

Disc Floor Cleaners consist of a sizable rotating disc at the base, with a handle stretching all the way up to chest height so that users can push the machine around comfortably with a high degree of mobility. These are multipurpose cleaning machines, meaning that they are able to provide a wide range of benefits to commercial floors by cleaning, polishing, buffing and scrubbing. All you need to do is change the cleaning pad.

Truvox Orbis in use

Are they easy to use?

Disc floor cleaners are professional cleaning machines, and anyone unfamiliar with using them will only require a few minutes of training in order to safely work them efficiently and effectively. Thankfully, operating a disc floor cleaner is relatively easy to pick up, and once the user has familiarised themselves with the dimensions and weight of the machine, the process will soon begin to feel completely natural.

It’s also worth noting that disc floor cleaners generate limited amounts of noise and vibration compared to many industrial cleaning machines, allowing the user to operate them easily without any undue pressure.

Are they right for me?

When asking yourself this question, it’s important to take three things into account:

  1. What type of floor you’re looking to clean?
    Disc floor cleaners are quite versatile in the range of floors they are able to clean. If your commercial space has wood, concrete or marble flooring, these machines really can work an absolute treat.
  2. What type of stains you’re looking to eliminate?
    These machines have the ability to remove a wide variety of different stains and marks from floor spaces, but any particularly stubborn blemishes caused by grease or paint may require an alternative floor cleaner that’s able to generate more power.
  3. The dimensions and design of your floors
    The flexible nature of disc floor cleaners allow them to scrub areas of your flooring that are ordinarily impossible to reach. If the commercial space you’re looking to clean has a complex floor design, disc floor cleaners might be an excellent choice given their manoeuvrability and generally compact size.

Still have a few more questions? Call B&G Cleaning Systems Ltd today, and our experienced team will be more than happy to answer any enquiries you may have regarding disc floor cleaners, or about the process of cleaning a commercial floor in general. We offer the kind of cleaning support, advice and equipment that you need to keep your floors looking flawless.