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Ambulance Cleaning

The requirement for ambulance cleaning is self evident; however, to do it correctly it must be part of a regular cleaning regime and carried out to a specific programme. There has never been more awareness of the potential risk of harmful bacteria being untreated in areas where hygiene is of the utmost importance. To help in the fight against invasive bugs there are machines available to attack and remove them.

Ambulance Cleaning – Exterior

The cleaning of the outside of the ambulance is clearly of less importance than the inside, but still requires attention. Ambulances are often driven at high speed through crowded streets and must therefore be visible and the driver should be able to see clearly through the windscreen. The exterior of the ambulance should be regularly cleaned using a pressure washer and a suitable cleaning solution together with appropriate attachments such as brushes for more effective removal. A pressure washer can be portable or, where suitable, static and plumbed in for constant availability. The hot water type of pressure washer removes adherent dirt more easily and some types have a steam option for even more cleaning power.

Ambulance Cleaning – Interior

The main area of attention in ambulance cleaning is the interior as this is where there is potential for harmful bacteria to thrive. For effective cleaning all the equipment should be removed from the inside where possible, and the inside inspected for any spillages or debris. The first thing is to vacuum the floor using a suitable vacuum cleaner. Then a steam cleaner should be used to ensure that dirt is removed from all the difficult to reach nooks and crannies, and the area is sanitised. The steam cleaner should have sufficient cleaning power to be effective and may have a vacuum facility like the Edge Matrix series, to remove the unwanted residue. Everything should be wiped down with appropriate cleaners to ensure complete cleanliness. To finish the floor of the ambulance should be cleaned with a floor scrubber and any residue removed with a wet vacuum if necessary.

Ambulance Cleaning Equipment

The design of an ambulance cleaning regime is important as is the selection of the appropriate equipment to carry out the task.
B&G have supplied a range of cleaning equipment for ambulance and healthcare cleaning over many years

Click on the link to see a selection of products which are typically used for medical cleaning. If you need advice, please call us.

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