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Multiple benefits are available for cleaning smooth concrete or tiled floors when using a SCRUBTEC BOOST orbital scrubber dryer.

The unique BOOST™ pad

The BOOST™ pad is a revolutionary pad that provides consistant contact across the cleaning path due to its rectangular shape. Scrubber dryers with the conventional two round pads have less suface contact in the center and around the edges.

BOOST pad pressure/agitation across pad width

Key advantages of the BOOST™ pad

Water Consumption
Up to 70% less water can be used because of the BOOST's unique orbital action that causes the cleaning solution to contained within the brush deck and enables it to be carried the full distance of the pad compared to standard disc scrubbers that throw the water away from the pad.

Chemical Consumption
By using less water means using up to 70% less cleaning chemicals. Using the SCRUBTEC BOOST does not require you to change your floor care chemical program.

Battery Runtime
Due to less water/chemical consumption and reduced pad pressure, enables the scrubber dryers motors and battery to run at optimal efficiency resulting in an increased runtime of up to 25% compared to similar disc scrubbers.

Pad Life
The BOOST pad requires much less pressure to achieve the desired cleaning result, as the high RPM orbital action scrubs the dirt from multiple directions. This causes the dirt to be removed quicker and more efficiently reducing strain on the pad. This combined with reduced pad pressure extends the floor pads life up to 40%.

One way directional scrubbing Multi directional scrubbing pad
One way and uneven directional scrubbing of conventional disc machines Even multi-directional scrubbing by BOOST™ orbital pad scrubber

Refill Cycles
As the BOOST uses less water during cleaning, this effectively means the large capacity tanks will deplete slower causing the water to last longer in one cycle. This prevents any unnecessary down time to empty and refill the tanks, this ensures the operator keeps working productively for longer periods of time.