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Scrubbing Machine Floor Cleaning Equipment

Useful Information on Floor Scrubbing Machines

Floor cleaning is the most regular job in any housekeeping regime, whether domestic or industrial. In the workplace the need for a quick and efficient system of cleaning is important both from a hygiene and economic point of view. To this end there are machines to help with the task and one of these is the scrubbing machine

What is a scrubbing machine?

The scrubbing machine normally has a twofold purpose in that it can scrub the floor but also dry it as well. The machine works by using one or more rotating brushes which act on the floor surface and replicate the action of a scrubbing brush. The cleaning action is enhanced by the introduction of a cleaning solution to agitate the dirt away from the floor. The resultant residue is then collected by a system of squeegees and/or vacuum to leave the floor clean and dry. The benefits of the scrubbing machine or scrubber drier are that it is simple to operate and means the minimum of inconvenience in the workplace during the cleaning process.

Options when selecting a scrubbing machine

There are a variety of scrubbing machines that are suitable for different applications. For instance there are scrubbing machines that are ride-on for larger areas and others are pedestrian operated for smaller or more inaccessible areas. Scrubbing machines can be powered from mains electricity or independently powered such as by rechargeable batteries for greater manoeuvrability. The brushes used can be disc or cylindrical, depending on the configuration of the machine and its application. There are many things to consider when selecting the appropriate machine for your needs such as physical size, robustness, power source, efficiency, cleaning area, price etc.

Whatever the size of floor or its layout, there is a scrubbing machine that can make a difference to create a safer and cleaner environment. For advice on the most suitable scrubbing machine for your application, call B&G Cleaning one of the leading cleaning equipment companies