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Scrubber Driers - How to Choose

The scrubber dryer is a familiar sight in industrial and commercial premises and it is an important tool in the housekeeping regime. It works by a mechanically driven brush acting on the cleaning surface to remove the dirt with the aid of cleaning chemicals.  The cleaning solution is dispensed from a tank on the machine, then the residue is then collected by a system of squeegees and ultimately deposited into a collection tank for later disposal. At the end of this process you should be left with a clean and dry floor.

There are choices to be made in selecting the right scrubber drier. For example a cylindrical brush is better for a polishing effect and degreasing recessed floors and a disc brush is ideal for persistent or adherent dirt.

Types of Machine

There are two main types of scrubber drier, one pushed along manually by an operator and known as a walk-behind or pedestrian operated scrubber drier and the other is a ride-on scrubber drier where the operator drives the machine around the floor to carry out the cleaning. The level of sophistication of both types of machine varies and it is important to select one that suits its purpose.

Selecting the right one

For instance, not all machines have a vacuum recovery system and rely on the squeegees alone to mop up the residue, which in small areas requiring a lighter duty may be adequate. Perhaps the most important part of a scrubber drier is an efficient brush system as without that the dirt cannot be effectively lifted from the floor. Many machines on the market today have self levelling brushes or brush pressure adjustment capabilities to ensure that they can cope when the floor is not level which is often the case in industrial environments.

Scrubber driers are powered by either electric cable, or by chargeable battery pack. So the first consideration is about the proximity of a power supply - will there be one within reach of the area you want to clean - e.g. 15 metres? If there is a power supply, could trailing cables cause a hazard, e.g. in public areas.

Battery powered scrubber driers are becoming very popular and advances in battery technology mean that they can be used for quite long periods of time without re-charging. It's just a matter of calculating the floor area and productivity rate, then you can make sure you have a machine with long-enough battery life for your needs.

The size of the solution and recovery tanks should also be considered to ensure there is enough capacity to clean the required floor area. Where scrubber dryers are used in an industrial workplace they can come in for rough treatment, so the body of the unit should be durable and resilient to the possible hard knocks that may come its way.

Hiring a Floor Scrubber

For regular use, it makes sense to buy your own machine, but for occasional use, why not hire? We have a range of scrubber dryers available to hire at competitive prices.

The selection of the right scrubber dryer doesn't have to be a problem, contact our floor cleaning machine experts for advice, we're happy to help.