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Reach and Wash

The principle of the reach and wash system of window cleaning is based on the use of cleaning with pure water without chemicals or cleaning agents.

What is pure water cleaning?

Water naturally contains all sorts of impurities such as limestone and nitrates and by putting the water through a de-mineralising process all the impurities are removed. The purified water is then capable of absorbing other impurities and when applied to a dirty surface it will lift the dirt without the need for chemicals or cleaning agents, or for scrubbing or wiping. The other advantage is that when the surface is properly rinsed you are left with a streak free sterile surface. See pure water window cleaning equipment.

Reach and Wash Cleaning System

The principle of pure water lends itself perfectly to window cleaning. The traditional image of ladders and buckets has now been superseded by the reach and wash system. The reach and wash system uses a pole through which the pure water is fed to a brush at the end. The brush is then moved across the window allowing the pure water to absorb and remove the dirt. The window is then rinsed to leave a streak free surface. Not only does the reach and wash system leave the window clean it also clean the frame, particularly useful on upvc double glazing.

Why use a reach and wash system?

The system has great advantages, not only do the windows get thoroughly cleaned but the window cleaner has a much better job. Going up and down ladders is tiring and potentially hazardous, but with the reach and wash system the cleaning is carried out from ground level making it safer and giving a saving on insurance premiums! Another advantage for the householder is there are no longer dents from the ladder in the bowling green lawn.

The reach and wash system is a win-win for the window cleaner and the employer being quicker and less disruptive than old fashioned techniques. For more information on the reach and wash window cleaning system contact B & G Cleaning.