Whirlaway Flat Surface Cleaner

Whirlaway Flat Surface Cleaner

  • Flat surface cleaning tool
  • Works with any pressure washer
  • Makes cleaning flat surfaces easy
  • Increases cleaning productivity
  • Operates with hot or cold pressure washers
  • See product demonstration video

The Whirlaway is a powerful pressure washer accessory for flat surface cleaning problems. Turning your pressure washer into a flat surface cleaner, it is ideal for cleaning all types of surfaces including driveways, concrete floors, patios and can be used with any type of hot or cold pressure washer. Cleaning up to 20 square metres per minute, it has a user friendly design, reducing operator fatigue and increasing increases productivity. It's efficient, powerful cleaning process can save up to 80% on labour costs.


How the Whirlaway floor cleaner works

Although the spray from a pressure washer can be adjusted, to be effective where there is build up of grime the narrower the jet the more cleaning force there will be. This is not always ideal as the force of the water can damage the surface being cleaned for large areas there may be an expensive waste of water, and potential for damage to surrounding areas. A high pressure washer with low water volume would be more economical but even then there is a possibility of over spraying and it can be difficult to remove all the dirt evenly which can create a striped effect. This is where the Whirlaway comes into its own. It connects to your pressure washer and directs the pressurised water to two nozzles which rotate within a circular housing, so the water is applied from close to the ground, keeping the water where you want it and resulting in an even finish.

Any overspray is contained within the housing so no cleaning water is wasted. Depending on the size, the whirlaway is mounted on castors, or used like a hover mower and provides for ease of movement which as a result reduces dramatically operator fatigue and the time taken to do the job. Because of the ease of use it is calculated that labour costs can be reduced by 80% as well as reducing water consumption significantly from a conventionally used pressure washer. The Whirlaway comes in a variety of sizes and is ideal for large flat areas such as warehouses, pavements or car parks etc. and can be used with hot or cold pressure washers.

For more information see the Whirlaway Rotary Flat Surface Cleaner or to see a demonstration take a look at the Whirlaway video.

The Whirlaway is small enough to fit into a car boot and its durable cover eliminates over-spray and damage to surrounding areas.

4 Models are available, from 16" to 24" - optional hand lance and trigger gun available for the 18" and 24" models.

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See Whirlaway Demonstration video and more information

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