• Nilfisk scrubber drier, 61cm cleaning width
  • From the SCRUBTEC 6 series range
  • 55L capacity tanks
  • Interchangeable brush decks with twin brushes
  • Large access to recovery tank
  • Solution brush off in neutral
  • Models marked with '*' qualify for ECA

The Nilfisk SCRUBTEC 661 qualifies for the 'Enhanced Capital Allowance' scheme and is also on the water technology list. See more info about ECA

This medium sized walk-behind scrubber dryer is suitable for floor cleaning in retail outlets, warehouses, manufacturing plants and hotels, with advanced features such as low sound level, a dashboard designed to reduce operator errors and adjustable scrubbing pressure.

The specially designed ergonomic handle provides operator comfort whilst using. It also has an easy to understand control panel that includes all indicators, gauges and operates all the scrubbing features to minimise user errors. The 661 BL Combi also has an on-board charger.

We also supply parts for the Nilfisk SCRUBTEC 661 - call us 

Technical Data

Features: 661 BL * 661 BL COMBI *
Scrubbing width (mm) 610 610
Squeegee width (mm) 810 810
Theoretical / actual coverage (m2/h) 3420/2055 3420/2055
Working speed (km/h) 5.6 5.6
Tank capacity solution / recovery (L) 55/55 55/55
Motor power source Battery Battery 100Ah
Brush/pad diameter (mm) 305/305 305/305
Brush pressure (kg) 20/40 20/40
Brush motor (W) 2 x 350 2 x 350
Brush speed (RPM) 230 230
Vacuum motor power (W) 330 330
Dimensions L x W x H (mm) 1311x646x1088 1311x646x1088
Weight (kg) 95 186 (incl on-board charger)

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