Pure Water Window Cleaning

Pure Water Window Cleaning

Window Cleaning Equipment using Pure Water Cleaning Technology

Some of the advantages of window cleaning with pure water are:

Absorbs dirt, chemicals and minerals

Final rinse dries to a perfect finish

Environmentally friendly, sterile cleaning

No chemicals or detergents

Windows stay cleaner for longer

Pure Water is created by demineralising tap water i.e. removing limestone, nitrates, chlorine and other impurities. The pure water will naturally want to absorb impurities when it is applied to a surface, making it an excellent cleaning medium as no chemicals are required. Pure water dries to a streak free finish, removing the need to wipe or leather off.

B & G Cleaning stock a full range of pure water window cleaning equipment using the latest technology.

The equipment is supplied as van mounted, static, trailer or trolley systems and a full range of accessories is available.

We also supply parts for Pure Water Window Cleaning - call us
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