MAC Avant

MAC Avant

  • Professional mobile hot pressure washer
  • High quality steel cover
  • Heavy duty steel chassis
  • High efficiency M2 boiler system
  • 31 litre fuel tank with low level sensor
  • High pressure chemical system
  • Auto stop / start


MAC 1 ONLY £2475 + VAT
MAC 5 ONLY £2750 + VAT
MAC 49 ONLY £2950 + VAT



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The Mac Avant range are mobile hot water pressure washer equipped with multiple features including an efficient M2 boiler system and double spiral coil capable of temperatures up to 200°C, burner control with flow switch and thermostat and a high pressure chemical system.

The MAC Avant range is a practical and effective industrial hot pressure washer with an excellent water flow from 12 – 21 ltrs per minute and pressure from 100 to 200 bar all contained within a high quality steel cover on a heavy duty steel chassis.

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Technical Data

Features: MAC1 MAC5 MAC49 MAC7 MAC8
Water Flow 12lt per minute 15lt per minute 21lt per minute 9lt per minute 12lt per minute
Pressure 100bar/1500psi 200bar/3000psi 200bar/3000psi 100bar/1500psi 100bar/1500psi
Motor Specification 3hp, 1450rpm 7.5hp, 1450rpm 10hp, 1450rpm 3hp, 1450rpm 3hp, 1450rpm
Chemical High Pressure High Pressure High Pressure High Pressure High Pressure
Shutdown System Auto Stop/Start Auto Stop/Start Auto Stop/Start Auto Stop/Start Zero Pressure,
Time Delay
Temperature 0-150°C 0-150°C 0-150°C 0-150˚C 0-150˚C
Power 240v 415v 415v 110v 240v
Weight 120kg 130kg 140kg 120kg 120kg
Dimensions (H x W x D) 85 x 63 x 100cm 85 x 63 x 100cm 85 x 63 x 100cm 85 x 63 x 100cm 85 x 63 x 100cm

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