Karcher Solar Panel Cleaner iSolar

Karcher Solar Panel Cleaner iSolar

  • Photovoltaic panel cleaner
  • Contra-rotating disc brushes
  • Articulated joint with steering roller
  • Carbon/ hybrid telescopic lances
  • Modular construction 

The Karcher iSolar is the first DLG-tested cleaning system for photovoltaic systems. The Karcher iSolar uses unique cleaning solutions to ensure rigoriously clean solar panels that in effect can produce up to 20% higher yields than heavily soiled modules. 

The contra rotating disc brushes provide outstandingly high performance cleaning and area coverage easily with its wide cleaning width, either 400mm or 800mm depending on the model. Due to the directional spin of the brushes the adjacent modules get pre-rinsed before cleaning, this makes it easier to remove the grime and dirt build up thus improving productivity.

When in use, a limit stop ensures protection of the modules and prevents any damage. This stops too much direct pressure being applied to the modules that could cause devastating and irrepairable damage. The iSolar has excellent manoeuvrability thanks to its flexible articulated joint.

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