Ehrle HSC Cabinet Steam Cleaner

Ehrle HSC Cabinet Steam Cleaner

  • Static hot water high pressure cleaner
  • Industrial steam cleaner, use inside or out
  • Insulated cabinet as standard
  • Secure and simple operation
  • Chemical dosing pump, low detergent use


The Ehrle HSC cabinet industrial steam cleaner is a cost effective and efficient alternative to a mobile steam cleaner. 

A control panel on the outside of the cabinet is provided for operator use, with simple on-off switches for the machine, boiler and detergent. A second control panel is locked on the inside of the cabinet, enabling only authorised people to set the temperature, pressure and chemical dilution rate, so there is no risk of operator abuse or error.

This static high-pressure hot-water cleaner features a brass pump head, ceramic piston, stainless steel valves, slow stop/start, leak recognition system and much more. 

The cabinet can be bolted down for additional security. Fuel and chemicals are locked inside the cabinet, or can be supplied from bulk storage.

We also supply parts for the Erhle HSC Cabinet Steam Cleaner - call us

Technical Data

Features: HSC 723 HSC 1140 HSC 1240
Operating pressure, adjustable 30-120 bar / 3-12 MPa 30-230 bar / 3-23 MPa 30-165 bar / 3-16,5 MPa
Max Flow (tr/min) 12 16 20
Voltage max 240v 415v 415v
Hot water output temp (°C) 30-150 30-150 30-150
Motor speed (rpm) 1400 1400 1400
Power intake (Kw) 3,6 9,0 9,0
Dimensions (LxWxH) mm 1192 x 750 x 1620 1192 x 750 x 1620 1192 x 750 x 1620
Weight (Kg) 450 450 450

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