Truvox Cimex HD

Truvox Cimex HD

  • Heavy Duty rotary floor cleaner
  • Scrubs and polishes a variety of surfaces
  • Floating brushes for uneven surfaces
  • Diamond finisher option for marble and stone floors
  • Cleans up to 950 sq metres per hour
  • Can scarify concrete floors

Truvox Cimex Heavy Duty rotary floor cleaners have been specifically designed to cut through dirt, oil, grease, paint and other extremely tough deposits.
These Heavy Duty (HD) floor buffers are also equipped with wire brushes for scarifying concrete industrial floors.

For preparation of marble, granite, terazzo or other stone floors, the Diamond Finisher (DF) is the ideal floor buffer. With a unique Cimex triple brush action and machine construction, this rotary cleaner is very stable with no pulling action, resulting in reduced operator stress and fatigue.

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Technical Data

Features: HD48 DF48
Motor power (single phase) 1500 1500
Motor power (three phase) 2200 -
Pad / Brush speed (rpm) 400 880
Working width (cm) 48 48
Weight (Kg) 60 60
Productivity rate (M2/hr) 600 600
Cable length (m) 15 15

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