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Pressure Washer Safety: FAQ

A Guide to Risk Assessment for your Company's Pressure Washers

Can B & G assist me in writing a risk assessment of my company's pressure washers and other cleaning equipment?
We can help but we cannot write it for you. There is a sample risk assessment here, which will give you an indication of the types of hazard and the types of controls to put in place. Also see the following HSE guidance notes:

General Risk Assessment Leaflet
"Using Work Equipment Safely"
Guidance for users of Steam / Water pressure cleaners

Is it a legal requirement that I must have my equipment Portable appliance tested (PAT)?
If you have mobile equipment that is plugged into an electrical socket it is a legal requirement to have it tested for Earth continuity. The test also includes visual checks and other checks such as current draw and conductivity. This should be recorded to prove it has been done and the machine should have a sticker showing the last date tested.

Do I have a legal obligation to have my equipment regularly serviced?
Generally if you employ people to operate equipment you have a legal obligation under the Provision and Use of Work Equipment Regulations. See Electrical Safety and You

Are there any certified training courses available to send operators so that we can have proof of the training under our risk assessment?
There are no courses run by HSE or any government official department specifically for pressure washing equipment, but B & G offers courses either at our Atherstone head office or on your site which results in a certificate being issued as proof of the training being done. This certificate would be proof of your due diligence in providing formal training for operators of the equipment. The training course covers useful hints and simple checks on the equipment which can also save money by reducing breakdowns.

Link to Sample Risk Assessment for Pressure Cleaning


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