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Pressure Washer Accessories & Spare Parts

Buyers Guide on Pressure Washer Parts & Accessories

When the lay person thinks of a pressure washer, they will often think of a typical domestic machine used for cleaning the family car or removing moss from the conservatory roof. However, in the commercial marketplace there are a huge number of machines that can adapt to every industrial application and service every business pressure cleaning need.

Pressure Washer Accessories and Parts - Choices

These machines can be diesel or electric, use hot or cold water – or even steam – and that’s before you look at the water flow and horse power specifications!, The variety in pressure washing machines is mirrored by a wide choice in the parts and accessories available for these pieces of equipment. From hoses and nozzles to lances and triggers, you’d be surprised how many attachments and upgrades you can find for your pressure washer! Take a moment to have a look at our two most frequently asked questions about pressure washer accessories and parts, to make sure you’re not missing out.

What types of accessories can you get for a pressure washer?
Accessories for any pressure washer fall into two categories:

a) Products that attach to the machine and

b) Products that you put into the machine.

Pressure washer accessories that are put into the machine

A variety of chemical-based cleaning substances are available to aid your cleaning process – shampoos, detergents and ‘washer fluids’ are just a few. Most of these products have the same aim, to make whatever you are cleaning sparkle! There are also ecologically friendly cleaning liquids, they are a little rarer, however if this is important to you, seek them out because they are available.Also don’t forget to use the most appropriate cleaning product for both the application and the machine you have purchased.

Pressure washer accessories that attach to the machine

To make your pressure washer more effective or to adapt it for different cleaning challenges, you can purchase a range of gadgets. The ability to change permanently, or temporarily, the use of any machine through the addition of accessories makes pressure washers one of the most flexible pieces of cleaning equipment on the market. Choose to add a lance extension, change a nozzle, extend your hose, update your brush or attach a sponge – and these are just the basics! Take some time to find out what’s on offer and you’ll find your pressure washer has much more adaptability that you first thought.

For expert advice and access to large stocks of pressure washer parts and accessories, or any type of cleaning equipment, make B & G Cleaning your first contact.