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Pressure Cleaning

Cleaning has always been a chore, and there has always been a lucrative market in designing and manufacturing labour saving machines to make the job easier. The list of machines is long and includes vacuum cleaners, sweepers etc., but for instant results the appliance used for pressure cleaning has to be the most useful. The pressure washer, when used correctly, can remove an extensive build up of dirt and grime in seconds, which is both satisfying and rewarding.

Pressure Cleaning – What is a Pressure Washer

A pressure (or power) washer that is used in pressure cleaning is basically an appliance that enhances the force of water that is used to clean a surface. Water is introduced into the machine from a tap or other source and it is then put under pressure by a pump, to be finally expelled via a high pressure hose through a nozzle at the end of a cleaning lance. The lance has a trigger mechanism to stop and start the flow of water as required. The pump is powered by mains electricity or independently by its own engine, and there would normally be a detergent dispenser used in conjunction with the washer to aid the cleaning process.

Pressure Cleaning – Pressure Washer Types, Attachments and Uses

The basic pressure washer used for pressure cleaning is electrically powered, portable and using only cold water. If greater cleaning power is required then a hot water version provides an additional resource to remove more stubborn dirt. Some pressure washers have the additional capacity to be used as steam cleaners, which can be useful when encountering dried on oil or grease. Pressure washers are normally portable, but where there is a regular clean up requirement, then it may be more appropriate to have a static plumbed in version so that the apparatus is always ready and available.
There are a wide variety of jobs that benefit from pressure cleaning such as, driveways and patios, building exteriors, food preparation equipment, vehicles etc. To do these cleaning tasks there are pressure washer attachments that can assist in ensuring a quick and efficient operation. For instance, when cleaning a flat surface such as a driveway, a rotawash attachment allows an even dispersal of the water both to prevent a striping effect and to contain any potential splash back on to the operator. When cleaning vehicles there are brush attachments which rotate when the pressure washer is on and allows the dirt to be removed more easily.

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