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Powered Floor Sweepers

Floor cleaning is one of those tasks that needs to be done, but is a pain and one that everyone wants to get through as quickly and easily as possible. Over the years various machines have been invented to take out the labour intensiveness of floor cleaning and one of these is a powered sweeper, which has evolved into a sophisticated machine saving time and manpower

The powered sweeper imitates the action of manual sweeping, but mechanically using a system of brushes. There is usually one disc brush (two on larger machines) mounted at the front corner(s) of the machine, which sweeps the dirt back. The debris is then swept by the main cylindrical brush at the rear of the sweeper back into a collection vessel, for later disposal.

Sizes and other options

When describing the action of a powered sweeper it is on the face of it quite straightforward, however, they are sophisticated machines and there are different styles and variations. Sweepers are available in a variety of sizes depending on the floor area to be cleaned; a small industrial unit for example would only require a small pedestrian operated machine, whereas a large warehouse may need a large ride on sweeper. The power source may be rechargeable battery or engine there are benefits to both types. A diesel or petrol engine will work as long as there is fuel in the tank, however, there are issues regarding ventilation inside a building due to the exhaust gasses; the battery does need regular recharging and its work cycle is dependent on the conditions and work it does. The type of brush is also variable in that stiffer, rougher bristles are needed to deal with heavy adherent debris and softer bristles should be used for lighter dirt or dust. There are other issues such as self levelling brushes to ensure good contact with the floor and efficient filtration to reduce dust being returned to the workspace.

Please view our powered sweepers here then if you need help to work out what you need, the experts at B&G have over 25 years experience in this field and are happy to offer advice. Just give us a call.