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Power Washer

Understanding Types and Uses of Power Washers

Water is acknowledged as an effective cleaning medium down the ages and the power washer exploits its use by turning it into a powerful force for deep cleaning. The power washer works by putting water under pressure by means of a pump, before it is expelled via a cleaning lace through an adjustable nozzle at the end. There are, of course, many variations available in size and type that ensure that there is a machine suitable for a variety of applications. Consideration should be given, not only to the pressure capability of a power washer, but also to the flow rate. High pressure is important to clear adherent, localised dirt, but for larger areas such as floors or drives then a high flow rate is preferable. The choice is extensive.

Cold Water Power Washer

For many applications a cold water power washer is sufficient. They vary in size and can be portable or static and powered by electricity or their own power source. For smaller jobs, a portable washer with a plug in lead may be adequate. However, movement is restricted by the length of the lead, therefore if the power washer is required for work elsewhere or off site then a washer with its own diesel or petrol engine would be better. In some situations a static washer is the best option as, if the cleaning duty is known and regular, the machine can be controlled more easily and there is less opportunity for operator abuse.

Hot Water Power Washer

Where the cleaning requirement is heavier then a hot water power washer is a better option, as cleaning is more efficient with hot water and any detergents used to aid cleaning would be more effective. The principles are the same as a cold water power washer except that a boiler is integral to the unit to heat the water, so the unit can be portable or static. An additional feature of some hot water power washers is that they can have a steam facility built in where the water pressure is lowered and the boiler allowed to heat the water until steam is produced. This is useful where additional cleaning muscle is required, although if deep sanitizing is required a propriety steam cleaner is a better option.

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