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Portable Pressure Washer

Pressure washing is a great way to remove unwanted dirt and grime and the portable pressure washer has the advantage of being able to be taken to the surface requiring cleaning which is perfect for, cleaning premises, vehicles or large pieces of machinery.

Types of Portable Pressure Washer

The type of portable pressure washer required depends on the job in hand. The basic pressure washer, uses cold water and often this is adequate for most tasks, however more stubborn and adherent grime will be more easily removed by a hot water version. A hot water pressure washer can have the additional option of being used as a steam cleaner for extra cleaning power. The portable pressure washer may be simply plugged into the mains and require a single phase supply or it may need a 3 phase supply for larger machines, or for a fully portable machine it would have its own engine for power and possibly its own water supply.

Selecting a Portable Pressure Washer

When selecting the right portable pressure washer for you, consider the following:

There are many things to take into consideration when selecting a portable pressure washer and these are just a few. To get the right advice and choice when buying a new pressure washer or any other cleaning equipment, contact B&G Cleaning for the best advice and service available in the market