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Petrol Pressure Washer

Petrol Pressure Washers : Pros & Cons

Pressure washing is recognised as the most efficient and cost effective method for cleaning dirt from floors and equipment. One of the machines developed for this purpose is the petrol pressure washer; however, there are points to consider before selecting the correct appliance.

Which petrol pressure washer to choose?

The cleaning efficiency of a petrol pressure washer is not only determined by the pressure which is the force of the water on the surface. If the pressure of the water played on the cleaning surface is too great, then there could be unfortunate consequences such as damage to the surface. As important a factor in the cleaning process is the rate of water flow, which is the water volume passing through the pump. A greater volume of water means a faster washing process whereas a high pressure would mean deeper more penetrative cleaning. The pressure washer should be sized for the job in hand; certainly any operator should be aware of the potential hazards that might be met by inappropriate use and too high a pressure.

Petrol pressure Washer – Advantages

One potential disadvantage of a conventional mains powered pressure washer is that movement is constrained by the length of the lead. This can make life difficult if cleaning is required at a less accessible part of the premises or perhaps off site. The petrol pressure washer will often have its own water bowser so it is completely self contained; this is particularly useful where access to water is difficult or impossible, such as cleaning road signs or bus shelters for example. An example of the heavy duty petrol pressure washer would be the Edge Ranger petrol pressure washer series which provides robust and hard working power washers for cleaning in awkward or difficult areas.

Whatever the cleaning problem there is a machine to assist - see our range of petrol engine driven pressure washers here.

Petrol Pressure Washers - Edge Ranger Series

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 Petrol Pressure Washers