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Training in the use of cleaning equipment

It is important that operators using any type of work related equipment are trained to operate it safely and to maximise the ability of the equipment.

If you purchase any cleaning equipment or systems from B & G Cleaning Systems Ltd we will ensure that it is delivered with an appropriate operation manual and that instruction is given to assigned operators.

It is important where possible to limit the number of operators to those trained in the use of the equipment and also to assign routine maintenance to one individual who then becomes responsible for its up-keep and condition.

B & G offer training courses and help with risk assessments for all cleaning equipment in our extensive range. On site or classroom courses are conducted. Ask for a quotation!

We can offer training for operators in the safe and efficient use of cleaning equipment even if we didn't supply it. Tell us what equipment you are using and we'll let you know what training we can provide.


Information about Health and Safety Training for Cleaning Equipment

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