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Jet Washer

The effective removal of dirt from a surface is a problem dealt with down the ages. The one constant medium used to get things clean is water and there are various ways to apply it to achieve a clean and sparkling result. One way is throw loads of water at the surface and scrub it, then throw loads more waster to rinse it off. Another more efficient way, is to use a jet washer.

How a jet washer (or pressure washer) works

A jet washer puts water under pressure by using a pump and when the water is forced through a cleaning lance, the user is able to easily direct the water on to the surface. Because the water is played on the surface by a strong jet, the cleaning process is quicker and more efficient than more labour intensive methods. As with all cleaning equipment the jet washer has evolved into a sophisticated tool, now covering a range from small domestic models for cleaning cars and drives to entire systems for cleaning whole factories.

Different types of jet washer.

There as many different models of jet washer as there are surfaces to be cleaned. The basic model is a cold water jet or pressure washer and this is often sufficient for routing cleaning needs. When deeper cleaning is required then a hot water jet washer could be used, particularly when the deposits were oily or greasy, as hot water is more effective on stubborn dirt. Even more cleaning power can be achieved with an additional steam option on a hot water jet washer. Steam is well known for its cleansing properties and is available on some types of hot water jet washers.

Jet washer uses

Jet washers are useful for a wide range of cleaning jobs, from the domestic to the industrial. Vehicles, paths and drives, tennis courts, building, machinery there is a huge list of applications. They can even be used in series as part of a centralised cleaning system where the cleaning lances are fed through a ring main system enabling multi operator use.
Jet washers have many uses and applications and because there are so many varieties, finding the right one can be difficult. To take the uncertainty out of deciding which one is best for you, see the pressure washers section or contact B & G Cleaning for the best advice and prices around.