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Vacuum Cleaning Equipment

Vacuum Cleaning Equipment : Purchasing Guide

The industrial vacuum cleaner has a vital role in combating dust and dirt in the workplace. The mechanics of an industrial vacuum are similar to a domestic model, but with added sophistication due to the heavier duty and the nature of the deposits being collected.

Industrial Vacuum – How It Works

An industrial (or domestic) vacuum operates by using a pump within the machine to reduce the air pressure. Air is then pushed into the machine, via the cleaning hose, taking with it the unwanted residue. The efficiency of a vacuum cleaner is determined by the different values attributed to its action. For instance the airflow, or vacuumed air volume, is the result of the average air speed multiplied by the hose diameter. The narrower the suction hose the less air volume there will be but the vacuum power will be greater. The effectiveness of an industrial vacuum is determined by these factors which together with the motor efficiency form the basis of selecting the correct machine for a task.

Industrial Vacuum – Selection Criteria

When considering the purchase of an industrial vacuum the options are wide and varied, so good information is needed. B & G Cleaning are one of the leading cleaning equipment suppliers and have a wealth of experience to draw on, so ask them for advice about your cleaning requirements to make sure you get the right equipment at the right price.