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Scrubber Dryer

What good are Scrubber Dryers for meeting Industrial Cleaning Requirements?

The industrial floor scrubber is a versatile and invaluable tool in floor cleaning. Available in a variety of sizes and configurations it fulfils different requirements to ensure an efficient floor cleaning regime. The industrial floor scrubber can be divided into two discrete groups – the single disc machine and the scrubber drier.

Industrial Floor Scrubber – Single Disc Machine

The single disc machine consists of, as the name describes, a horizontal disc powered by a motor and controlled by a handle assembly similar to an upright vacuum cleaner. The disc rotates over the floor to remove deposits and is speed adjusted depending on the surface being cleaned. That is the cleaner at its simplest level, but of course there is more to it. For instance the lower the speed , the more effective pressure there is on the brush, which means a deeper clean, increasing the speed lowers the pressure. These factors are important depending on which cleaning attachment is used; a lower speed for scrubbing or dewaxing and a higher speed for polishing or buffing. There is a range of attachments for these different jobs, so one machine can fulfil many different requirements including scrubbing and polishing. Another important factor in a single disc machine is the design as well as performance, as the weight distribution for example, if it is not correct, can lead to an impaired cleaning performance and awkwardness in operation which can have an adverse effect on the operator.

Industrial Floor Scrubber – Scrubber Drier

For larger industrial floor areas the scrubber drier provides deep cleaning for hard surfaces. Again using a rotating brush, which may be a disc type or cylindrical, acting on the floor it removes the dirt, with the resulting residue being collected by a system of squeegees, and deposited into a collection tank. There are a variety of sophisticated options for these machines such as; self levelling brushes, automatic stopping, anti foam devices etc.

The range of industrial floor scrubbers is quite daunting and the selection of the right appliance can be difficult. It is important to talk to experts who understand the equipment and have the experience and expertise to ensure you make the right choice. Contact B & G Cleaning for the best advice and prices for all industrial cleaning equipment.