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Industrial Cleaning without Chemicals

There is an increasing requirement for industrial cleaning without chemicals, because of the concerns about potential harm and pollution. The danger inherent in chemical products is generally proportional to their cleaning effectiveness, so other methods have to be used to remove, or at least reduce their use. One such method, which is both effective and efficient, is dry steam cleaning.

Industrial Cleaning without Chemicals – Dry Steam Method

The efficacy of steam as a cleaning medium has been known for many years and has demonstrable benefits in carrying out industrial cleaning without chemicals. The basic principle of a dry steam cleaner is that, by putting the water in the boiler under pressure, the boiling point of the water is raised to achieve saturated steam i.e. steam with insignificant water content. Steam produced in a pressure washer, for example, has a high water content which may be adequate for some cleaning, but it does not effectively sanitise a surface. Effective sanitation is only achieved where the temperature of the steam is above 140oC when micro organisms such as bacteria and dust mites will be killed. The advantage of this type of cleaner means both a reduction in the use of chemicals and also in water usage, which benefits the environment and personnel.

Industrial Cleaning without Chemicals – Dry Steam Cleaners

There are many “steam cleaners” on the market, but in selecting a suitable dry steam cleaner the following should be considered:

There are just a few of the many factors to consider when carrying out industrial cleaning without chemicals. Decide what you want the dry steam cleaner to do and then contact a leading supplier like B & G Cleaning for advice about the most effective machine for you.