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High Pressure Washer

What is a High Pressure Washer?

The pressure washer is a vital tool against stubborn dirt and grime, both in the industrial and domestic environments. The cleaning properties of water under pressure can be seen from a simple garden hose where, when the nozzle aperture is narrowed, the water is expelled in a thinner, more forceful jet. The high pressure washer works in a similar fashion except that the water is pressurised through a pump to increase power.

High Pressure Washer – Applications

The high pressure washer has many applications in a variety of situations. Domestically it can be used around the exterior in the garden, on patios and driveways and for car cleaning. Industrial applications are often more sophisticated where a specific level of cleaning is required. For instance in the food production industry the pressure washer is required not only to deliver a cleaning spray and detergent, but also to sanitize the equipment and surrounding area. Where additional cleaning power is required, some pressure washers have an additional steam facility to provide a more thorough cleaning operation.

Types of Heavy Duty Pressure Washer

Over the last forty years or so the high pressure washer has evolved into a range of models suitable for the many cleaning requirements that are presented. The cold water pressure washer is used where surface cleaning only is needed, such as exterior washing down and hard surface cleaning. This type of washer is available from a small portable size up to a static wall mounted washer where there is a regular clean up requirement. The hot water pressure washer is also available in portable or static forms and can be part of a bespoke system where a systematic and regular clean up is required. When the high pressure washer forms part of a centralised system the pump is remote from the cleaning lance and the water is fed to it via a ring main system with outlets for the lance at fixed points along it. This type of system is invaluable in industrial processes such as food production, where a high level of hygiene is required.

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