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Heavy Duty Pressure Washer

Some pressure washer cleaning jobs need a bit more power than is available from a smaller machine and needs the robust high performance available from a heavy duty pressure washer. These machines are often available to hire as well as buy and offer a more effective cleaning performance over a longer period than lighter weight machines.

What is a Heavy Duty Pressure Washer?

A heavy duty pressure washer is a more powerful machine than a lighter weight domestic type. For instance the way the washer is powered is important for commercial users. Larger pressure washers may use a 3 phase electrical supply for a more powerful pump or may be engine driven for independent operation which means the pressure washer can be used without the need to connect to an external power source. Because there are many types of industrial premises and equipment that require regular cleaning there are many different types of heavy duty pressure washer.

Typical Applications

There are many applications that are immediately apparent for a heavy duty pressure washer such as farm machinery where tractors etc. get clogged with dirt and mud. Another agricultural area requiring extensive cleaning is the inside of buildings such as dairies where cleanliness is of the highest importance. What may be less commonly known is food factory cleaning where heavy duty pressure washers may be used in series off a ring main system where the water is fed from a central source, known as a centralised cleaning system.

A selection of heavy duty pressure washers can be viewed here.

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