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Food Production Cleaning

There are few areas more important from a hygiene point of view than food production. The sanitation requirements are, quite rightly, high and the potential for harmful outcomes if a proper cleaning regime is not followed are not to be contemplated. The cleaning regime does not only encompass the immediate vicinity of the food production area but also the surrounding area where potential contamination may lurk. Fortunately there are a variety of machines which can assist in cleaning the targeted areas.

Food Production - Cleaning the Floor

The floor in any environment is the repository for dirt and grime, either dropped during production or brought in from outside, and it is very important when cleaning in food areas. To achieve effective clean up there are a variety of machines built to the task which can be used. For general cleaning and to remove surface detritus there are pedestrian or ride-on sweepers which use rotating brushes to collect the accumulated rubbish. Deeper cleaning and the removal of stubborn stains a scrubber drier would be more effective. As with the sweeper, this machine uses rotating brushes either disc or cylindrical such as is available in the Tennant range. The introduction of water and detergent adds additional cleaning power and the residue is removed by squeegees and/or vacuum to leave the floor clean with the minimum of disruption.

Food Production - Cleaning the Equipment

The equipment requires close attention from a cleaning point of view as the surface often comes into direct contact with food. The most valuable aid for this area of cleaning is the pressure washer which is most often used because the sheer power of the spray will dislodge unwanted materials from the surface. Whilst the pressure washer gives excellent results it should be used in conjunction with appropriate detergents and sanitising agents. The detergent adds cleaning power to remove residue, and after rinsing the sanitiser is applied to ensure a clean surface free from possible contamination. Food production cleaning can be a complex operation and needs a sophisticated cleaning solution to the problems presented. In smaller premises a static pressure washer unit and chemical dispenser may be all that is required where different cleaning lances can be used for the various functions. In larger premises however a centralised cleaning system may be used.

This is a purpose built arrangement where the pressure washer operates from a ring main system which is served from a remote multi-pump system. The advantage of this cleaning method is that it can operate a varying number of pressure washers efficiently depending upon the load required. For instance if there is a requirement for cleaning during the operation the system can allow for one or two washers to be used, and at the end of the shift 10 or more washers can be employed all efficiently without excessive water on the pumping system. The delivery of cleaning chemicals can also be controlled centrally with the chemicals being dispensed via a satellite unit.

A leading company in the area of centralised and bespoke cleaning systems as well as other cleaning equipment is B&G Cleaning who would be happy to advise on the most appropriate system for you.