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Food Process Cleaning

Food processing is a task that requires a rigorous cleaning regime. The control of deposits and bacteria is a priority and to assist in the cleaning there are a variety of methods and techniques. It is an area where there are regular improvements in processes and equipment, and it is important to keep up to date with the latest information

High Pressure Cleaning

Water emitted at high pressure has a scouring effect on hard surfaces which effectively blasts away impurities. Whilst this is superficially effective, which may be all that is required, there is some concern within the food and catering industry about the possibility of bacteria potentially being suspended in airborne particles and therefore still hazardous. This is of particular concern in high risk areas of food processing i.e. the last stage before it reaches the consumer, as any contamination at this stage would be difficult to deal with. High Pressure Cleaning is a very effective method in the right situation, and its cleaning hygienic efficiency is well known.

Medium Pressure Cleaning

If it is decided that high pressure washing is not suitable then an alternative is medium or even low pressure washing. We are all aware of the cost of energy and water, and the need to minimise waste, so the need for cleaning at a lower pressure has developed. Cleaning at a lower pressure can possibly mean more manual cleaning and there may be a requirement to use chemicals to remove protein build up etc.

Food Process Cleaning – Centralised Cleaning System

Water pressure when used to clean in food preparation areas is clearly important, and gains significance depending on the risk associated with the area being cleaned. In high risk areas pressure would be as low as is practicable due to the potential spread of unwanted particulates. BG Clean have over many years developed bespoke centralised cleaning systems for their customers, which incorporates high and low pressure water within the same system for cleaning different areas of the factory. The advantages of this type of system are that the operator can use the appropriate water flow for the job in hand with consequent savings in water and fuel costs. The system uses a multi pump concept so that a varying number of operators can use the system at different times depending on the needs of the business. BG Clean bespoke systems are made for the efficient and economical cleaning required in the modern food process environment.

B & G Cleaning have vast experience of food process cleaning and have designed many systems for the food production industry. Why not ask about their range of pressure washers and bespoke centralised cleaning systems