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Floor Sweeping Machine

To manually sweep floors is a time consuming and often unproductive chore, being both tiring and usually inefficient. The modern workplace is required to have a decent level of cleanliness, so regular floor cleaning is required, not only from a hygiene point of view but also because of health and safety considerations. To aid the ongoing battle against dirty floors the seeping machine has been developed to aid the cleaning regime.

Floor Sweeping Machine – What is it?

A sweeping machine at its basic level replicates the action of hand sweeping with a broom, with the exception that it is not laborious, does not merely move the dirt around and does not leave the air filled with unwanted particles. The sweeping machine uses a system of rotating brushes which act on the surface and literally sweep the surface debris back into a waste container, which can be removed and emptied. The sweeper has a filtration system to ensure that there are no unwanted particles left hanging in the air.

Floor Sweeping Machine – Different Types

Because floors vary in type and area there are a range of sweeping machines to deal with specific requirements. For instance floor sweepers can be ride on or pedestrian (walk behind) operated. Smaller or more inaccessible areas would probably need a smaller machine, whereas larger areas would benefit from a ride on version, or it may be that both types are required in larger premises. Both versions are easy to operate and ensure an efficient job with the minimum of operator fatigue. Sweeping machines are normally independently powered, either by rechargeable battery or, for larger ride-on models, by diesel of LPG engine. There are sweepers available for use on a variety of surfaces from carpets to concrete, it a question of selecting the right one for the task.

There are many things to consider before deciding what is the best machine for your cleaning project. Things such as robustness, sweep area, motive power, noise level etc., all have to be factored in to the decision making process.

To ensure that you make the right selection of your floor sweeping machine get in touch with the experts at B & G Cleaning and draw on their 25 years of experience in cleaning equipment.