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Floor Cleaner

An effective floor cleaner is one of the vital tools needed to ensure good housekeeping in an industrial or commercial environment. The floor cleaning machines now available are more sophisticated than ever, with a model being available for all types of surface and sometimes for a variety of surfaces within one machine.

Vacuum Cleaners

Vacuum cleaners offer more these days than just cleaning carpets. There are models suitable for collecting wet debris as well as dry, models that can also shampoo a carpet and models that can deal with hazardous or explosive dust. Effective filtration is becoming increasingly important to prevent dust re-entering the atmosphere meaning a less effective cleaning operation and possible allergic reaction in people within the environment. Many machines now have sound attenuation to ensure less disruption when carrying out the cleaning process and are ergonomically designed so they can be moved easily.

Floor Sweepers

These are machines that by using rotating brushes remove surface debris to keep the area clean and regular use of these machines prevents build up which would be more difficult to remove if left. Floor sweepers can be ride on, for large areas or pedestrian operated for smaller areas or out of the way places.

Floor Scrubber Driers

Where more effective floor cleaning is required a scrubber drier is employed to wash away surface debris and more adherent particles. This floor cleaning machine applies a cleaning solution through rotating brushes and the area is dried through suction which means minimal disruption to the process. Scrubber Driers for floors can also be ride on or pedestrian operated depending on the size and location of the operation.

Pressure Washers

For floors where water splash back is not a problem, one cleaning machine that could be considered is a pressure washer which, when used with a rotawash accessory, cleans large areas efficiently, particularly useful where there is significant build up. Pressure washers can be portable or part of a centralised system using a ring main for multi operator use.

Steam Cleaners

Where sanitizing and hygiene are important then a steam cleaner may be the most suitable item of floor cleaning equipment, particularly in areas such as food processing or healthcare. Steam effectively penetrates into the surface of the floor enabling effective cleaning.

The choice of cost effective floor cleaning equipment depends on the size and nature of the floor. Choosing wrongly can be costly so why not talk to the experts at BGClean to avoid an expensive mistake!