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Floor Care

Caring for floor i.e. sweeping, mopping, vacuuming is a pretty tedious task, because as soon as you clean it, the floor gets dirty again. The problem is, if you don’t do it, it looks awful and is twice as hard to clean when you do get round to it. So regular cleaning is the answer and, fortunately, there are various tools and machines to help to make the task a little lighter

Caring for Carpeted Floors

Carpets can be a problem, particularly in a commercial environment, where the traffic is high and people are perhaps less careful than in their own home. The most basic task is regular cleaning with a good quality vacuum cleaner. This removes the surface dirt, lifts the pile and done regularly maintains the appearance and prevents excessive build up. The nature of carpet is such that although regular vacuuming is vital, dirt can still penetrate into the pile, and over time causes dirt build up which a surface vacuuming cannot reach. Periodically a carpet extractor should be used to remove ingrained dirt and restore the carpet to its former glory.

Looking after Hard Surface Floors.

The floor care machines for hard surface floors are many and varied depending entirely on the type of floor and the standard of cleaning required. The vacuum cleaner is still an option on hard surface floors, but depending on the type of surface and the area involved, it may not be the best one. For larger industrial floors a floor sweeper, which uses rotating brushes to literally sweep the surface debris back into a holding vessel, may be the best option. If a deeper clean is required then a floor scrubber drier could be employed, which is similar in configuration to a sweeper, but also uses water and detergent to scrub and dry the floor. Wooden floors require more attention to keep them looking their best, and for these a propriety floor cleaner/polisher is the option.

All of these machines for floor care come in a multiplicity of sizes and types for different duties. To find out what is the best machine for you – contact B&G Cleaning one of the country’s leading cleaning equipment suppliers.