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Factory Cleaning

The evolvement of the factory since the Industrial Revolution has been one of the most significant events in history, causing the urbanisation of a previously agrarian society and creating large, comparatively closely packed settlements. This change impacted on the health of those who worked in the factory and their families. Standards of cleanliness and hygiene have evolved over the years and machines have also evolved to help meet those standards in an efficient and cost effective manner.

The Importance of factory cleaning

Today, the sheer number and range makes cleaning factories a massive enterprise - requiring a whole list of different techniques and factory cleaning machines. Because of the nature and the scale of the work undertaken in many plants, dirt and grime build up quickly and very powerful cleaning is needed to shift it. Health and safety standards also mean effective factory cleaning is very important, for the safety of both staff working there and that of the consumers of the products being made. Any kind of dirt can be a hazard, from dust accumulating and potentially causing a fire, to greasy build-ups stopping machinery working effectively.

Factory Cleaning - different techniques and cleaning machines

Outside walls of factories can be cleaned using high pressure water jets which are set at different angles to shift dirt from underneath. When it comes to the rest of a plant, factory cleaning equipment suppliers offer a host of different products e.g. chemical cleaning; removing chewing gum; cleaning tanks and boilers; shifting build up of grease and cleaning drains. One problem with factory cleaning is the size of the building which needs to be cleaned. Floors cleaned using sweepers or scrubber driers. Scrubber driers work by applying cleaning liquid through a rotary brush system. The floor is then scrubbed and the resulting dirt is sucked back through the machine. Sweepers work in a similar fashion by using rotating brushes to remove surface dirt and debris. Industrial vacuum cleaners are another way of getting floors clean, and some can be used on both wet and dry floors.

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