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Energy Saving Industrial Cleaning

There is a huge awareness throughout society that energy is a precious resource which has to be conserved. This has led to innovation in many areas of activity, including industrial cleaning. An important factor in the development of energy efficient cleaning is that there should not be any lessening of its effectiveness.

Energy Saving Industrial Cleaning – Efficient Cleaning Machines

Industrial cleaning relies on the availability of a ready supply of water and the machinery necessary to change the water into a more effective cleaning medium through pressure and /or heat. As industrial cleaning must be carried out energy savings have to be made through the efficient and economic performance of the machines. For instance a hot water pressure washer has to heat the water as well as pump it out so the energy used is dependent on how well the individual components operate. Also the less water used in the cleaning task the less energy is employed; for instance some scrubber-driers available from B & G Cleaning use only a little more than a tablespoon’s worth to clean about a square metre of floor

Energy Saving Industrial Cleaning - Examples of Cleaning Machines

Here at B & G Cleaning we distribute some of the most efficient cleaning machines on the market and we will advise you on the most energy saving industrial cleaning solutions. For example, where large areas need to be washed down, a multi-pump cleaning washdown system would be more energy efficient as the system can accommodate single or multi operator usage. As part of our service we can design and build centralised cleaning systems to meet your industrial needs. Getting the most out of a battery is another energy saving industrial cleaning solution, and there are machines available which will run for a long time before their batteries run out. As well as using very little water, the Tennant T5 Scrubber Drier, for example, has the extra advantage of coming equipped with long-lasting battery packs meaning less recharging. Static pressure washers and steam cleaners mean the controls can be pre-set, and not altered by operatives, to ensure they work at the optimum level of efficiency.

B & G Cleaning have an excellent range of energy saving cleaning machines that are efficient and cost effective. Why not call them today for their professional information and advice