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Edge Cleaning Equipment

The need for innovation and technical advances are as pressing in the cleaning equipment industry as in others. This prompted a group of leading cleaning equipment suppliers from across the UK to come together and form EDGE which is the Equipment Distributors Group Enterprise. The group was formed in 1992 and its aim is to give their customers the most advanced and economic cleaning equipment available. Among the companies in the group are B & G Cleaning who have two of their directors on the board of EDGE – Bob White is Technical Director and Ian Hodkinson is Marketing Director.

EDGE provides a wide range of cleaning equipment, all of which is available from B&G along with other complimentary cleaning machines and bespoke cleaning equipment

Edge Cleaning Equipment can be broadly grouped into three categories:

Edge Floor Cleaning and Care

The EDGE range includes commercial sweepers and floor crubber driers to remove dust and soiling from floors. Clean floors can aid productivity, for example in a warehouse or factory by preventing damage to fork lift trucks, other equipment and stock, in addition to reducing airborne contamination to improve the working environment.

Edge Pressure Washers

Every sort of pressure washer is available for a variety of applications from domestic, such as patio cleaning, to larger applications like those in transport and agriculture. Washers can be hot or cold water and where there is no electricity supply, they can be engine driven which makes them ideal for the public works sector among others.

Edge Steam Cleaning and Sanitising

EDGE cleaning equipment products available include steam cleaners, vacuums and hot water pressure washers for use where cleaning and sanitizing are important. The health sector and food sector are two areas where cleanliness is paramount and EDGE products can provide the solution from an extensive range. In the health sector for instance EDGE sweepers and vacuum cleaners provide a quiet solution to cleaning patient areas where noise levels are important. In the food preparation environment, whether kitchen or factory, EDGE products offer the ability to clean effectively and efficiently.

As a leading cleaning equipment supplier B & G Cleaning are proud to be able to offer EDGE products to their customers. The range is extensive and of outstanding quality, so contact B & G for the best advice and prices around

We know about cleaning equipment – please call B&G to discuss your cleaning problems.

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 Hot Water Pressure Washer
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