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Dry Steam Cleaner

The use of steam as a cleaning medium has become increasingly popular both from an efficiency and environmental point of view. The advantage of steam is that it not only cleans but also sanitises the surface by killing resident bacteria without using heavy chemical products.A dry steam cleaner will produce steam at about 180C which means it has an extremely low water content and is virtually hot air, which means it has excellent degreasing properties. It is available in a variety of configurations and duties for different applications.

Dry Steam Cleaners

Types of Dry Steam Cleaner

The range of dry steam cleaners available is wide and varied, with each model having features which make them suitable for all cleaning applications.

They can be portable, useful for moving around the site, or static where cleaning is regular and specific. One advantage of a static cleaner is that it is contained within a cabinet so the controls can be set, enabling it to be used to its optimum effect. When using dry steam the dirt and grease is melted but not removed, so to this end some cleaners have an integral vacuum to remove the residue instead of manually cleaning. Although dry steam cleaners by their nature do not use a lot of water, in an industrial situation where the cleaning process may be lengthy, there is a continuous refill to the boiler option which extends the working time.

Dry Steam Cleaner Applications

These machines are seen as very eco friendly as they reduce the need for harsh cleaning agents and disinfectants, and also use little water as an hours work for an industrial dry steam cleaner uses as little as 2.5 litres. Dry steam penetrates into the surface and, because it is delivered at pressure, destroys the hidden bacteria as well removing visible grime and grease. These qualities make them invaluable in the healthcare and food industries among others where sanitizing and deep cleaning are of paramount importance.

When selecting a dry steam cleaner be sure to select one with a robust body using the best and most durable components. Call us for more information or advice