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Commercial Steam Cleaner

Basic Information about Commercial Steam Cleaners

The use of steam to power machinery was discovered over 250years ago, however the use of steam to clean is a much more recent event and less well documented. The advantage of steam over other cleaning media is its ability to penetrate into the surface and enter the nooks and crannies that are often inaccessible otherwise. The application of steam changes the state of the dirt and grease lying on the surface to a more liquid one, enabling it to be removed by mopping up or sometimes vacuum. The commercial steam cleaner has been demonstrated to sanitize surfaces more effectively than normal washing, removing as it does, bacteria and other organisms. An additional benefit of a steam cleaner is the reduction or elimination of the need for chemical detergent in the cleaning process. This is seen, together with the elimination of bacteria and mites, as being of great benefit to sufferers of allergic reactions to these factors. There are two types of steam that can be employed in the cleaning process and these are wet or dry steam

Commercial Steam Cleaner – Wet Steam

One of the most invaluable and versatile tools used in commercial cleaning is the hot water pressure washer. It can rinse, wash and sanitize surfaces (albeit using chemicals) and for extra cleaning power some models can produce steam. In this case the pressure in the unit is reduced and the water is allowed to heat up until steam is produced. This steam is called wet steam because it has a high water content, which can be enough in some situations, but it is not as effective as dry steam

Commercial Steam Cleaner – Dry Steam

A commercial dry steam cleaner is a purpose built appliance which puts water under pressure to raise its boiling point to allow the steam to be emitted in a super saturated state at a temperature of up to 170ºC as opposed to 140ºC for wet steam. The additional cleaning power of this type of machine makes it an invaluable accessory in the healthcare and food industries for example. The commercial steam cleaner is available as a portable or static(fixed) machine and may have a vacuum facility, ideal for carpet cleaning.

To learn more about commercial steam cleaners and their applications, contact B&G Cleaning for outstanding advice and service.