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Commercial cleaning machine

For every domestic cleaning machine, there are multiple commercial equivalents. Whether it’s a scrubber dryer or a vacuum cleaner, a floor polisher or a high pressure washer, there is a range of equipment that will suit your every commercial requirement. Commercial cleaning machines are often specifically designed for certain duties and areas within an industrial environment. For instance, the floor may require a regular removal of surface grime and a floor sweeper may be suitable for that purpose, whereas if a deeper clean is required then a floor scrubber drier may be a better option. Size and the accessibility of the area or equipment to be cleaned is also important. The biggest machine is not always the best answer.

The commercial cleaning machine sector

A multi-million pound industry, the UK’s commercial cleaning machine marketplace is a competitive one. As a commercial cleaning machine customer, trying to decipher the good from the great, and the average from the disastrous, can be a tricky business.

To help guide yourself around this complex sector, why not investigate the organisations and associations that shape the quality and standards of cleaning-related companies across the UK? 

Commercial cleaning machine suppliers

A search of the web will give you plenty of possible suppliers, but what information should you find on the website that determines you have found a reliable and knowledgeable source?

Look out for websites with lots of information and advice on commercial cleaning equipment as well as a wide selection of products. For informed advice on cleaning equipment and applications, you need look no further than BG Cleaning, one of the leading cleaning equipment suppliers.