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Commercial Carpet Cleaner

Carpet is a woven material and presents particular problems for cleaning. Carpet has been used as a floor covering for over 400 years and as the materials used have evolved and changed, so have the cleaning methods. The difficulty for a commercial carpet cleaner is the if it is too harsh it damages the material, but if it is too gentle then it does not clean effectively.

Commercial Carpet Cleaner - Vacuum

The advantage of carpet in a commercial environment is not only its aesthetic appearance but also its insulating and noise deadening qualities which are invaluable in large buildings such as hotels and offices. It is important that the carpet is maintained in a state of cleanliness to present the best appearance for customers and employees to ensure a pleasant environment in which to conduct business. The most obvious thing that can be done both from a commercial and domestic point of view is vacuuming. Regular vacuuming reduces the potential build up of dirt in the pile of the carpet which not only helps to maintain the appearance but also extends the life of the carpet. The vacuum cleaner is the basic piece of commercial carpet cleaner, but even regular use cannot prevent the stains, spills and general discolouration that carpets suffer over time.

Commercial Carpet Cleaner - Extractor

To clean heavily soiled or stained areas and return a carpet to its former glory the best method is to use a professional commercial cleaning machine, which will shampoo the carpet to give it a thorough clean. There are various types of machine available on the market, which vary according to the duty required. For instance in a large floor area with high traffic a sophisticated carpet extractor is preferable to clean down to the base of the carpet to ensure that the operation which is potentially disruptive does not need to be done as often and will thoroughly remove the offending build up. There is a machine for every application, for example for cleaning coaches or buses a narrower type of machine would be required to deal with a more confined space.

B & G Cleaning Systems have an outstanding range of commercial carpet cleaning equipment incorporating vacuums, extraction cleaners and driers including the Edge range of carpet cleaners, and we would be pleased to advise you.