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Cold Water Pressure Washer

Pressure washers have been used for many years in industry and domestically as a means of quickly and efficiently removing surface dirt. They are used in a variety of sectors such as agriculture, transport and local councils and their usefulness is well known.

A cold water pressure washer works in a similar way to the garden hose analogy except that pressure is additionally applied by means of a mechanized pump which expels the water at an enhanced rate. The water flow is controlled through a trigger mechanism which means the water can be shut off at any time. The cleaning power of a pressure washer is dependent not only on the pressure exerted but also on the volume or flow of water passing through it. For large areas for example there may be a requirement for a high water volume with a lower pressure whereas for a small area of stubborn build up a higher pressure may be necessary. There are a variety of duties required of a pressure washer and there are a range of models available on the market for all jobs.

Different Types of Pressure Washer for Different Needs

Pressure washers vary in size from smaller domestic machines with a water flow of 6 litres per minute and a pressure of 100 bar up to machines with twice these capacities and more. Cold water pressure washers can be powered by electricity or independently driven by a petrol or diesel engine. They can be portable or static and plumbed in where there is a regular clean up requirement, and if portable and independently powered they can be used anywhere where clean up is required. There are numerous attachments which are designed for specific purposes. For instance an extending lance for high level cleaning, or a whirlaway attachment which uses a revolving spay bar for cleaning driveways and patios.

There are many types of pressure washer to choose from and B&G Cleaning can give you the best information about cold water pressure washers - with great advice, great prices and service - all on tap! 

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